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A School That’s
a Large Family


We have been doing our family-run English language courses since 1979. What makes our Middlesmoor English Courses special? One of the chief reasons for the success of the courses and the students’ and families’ appreciation lies in the fact there is no separation between “host family” and English language school, and that we are therefore able to support all the students’ learning, participation and well-being throughout their English language course.

Moreover, we are able to create continuous opportunities for the students to speak and interact with us using the English which they learn during lessons in authentic daily contexts and situations.
To encourage this daily use of English, we have a star chart to motivate the students to express themselves in English, and give prizes at the end of the course to those students who have tried most to USE their English!

“What is done outside the classroom is as important as what is done inside the class” | Exactly so! At Middlesmoor, because there is no separation between host family and language school, a strong group spirit is created, which then has a positive effect on the students’ motivation and concentration in lessons. Needless to say, the students’ own commitment and participation are crucial. Disruptive behaviour and offensive language are not tolerated in Middlesmoor, because of their negative impact on other students’ learning. (See Telephone Interview)

English development – Social development | This fact of social life together, besides creating the atmosphere that the email comments from past students speak of (see Students’ memories of Middlesmoor) is also, according to some parents, something that has given their children greater autonomy and social awareness; sometimes parents even mention seeing improved manners after the English course in Middlesmoor.

Accommodation | In our college-house there are twenty-six beds; there are two simple bunk beds, with four students in each bedroom, and there are ten beds in the loft. Bathrooms are shared. Our students can use our small indoor swimming pool.

Safety | Since the accommodation for students’, teachers and other collaborators is in Prospect House, the students live in a very safe environment. Moreover, the road ends in the village, which is surrounded by the moors. This fact makes Middlesmoor an especially safe place for students to be.

Word of mouth | Most of our summer English language courses include 30-40% of students who have been before and the information they give to relatives and friends is our best advertising. This high proportion of returnee students means that new participants are positively influenced.