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Where is Middlesmoor

Middlesmoor is a small village (about thirty inhabitants) in Upper Nidderdale, a lovely and remote valley set in an Area of Outstanding National Beauty, and itself entirely surrounded by the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Villages and towns nearby include Pateley Bridge (8 miles), the spa town of Harrogate (25 miles), York (45 miles) and Leeds (40 miles). The ruins of famous Cistercian abbeys such as Fountains Abbey, Bolton Abbey and Jervaux Abbey are not more than thirty minutes’ drive from Middlesmoor and are well worth a visit.
The county of Yorkshire is the largest in England. Yorkshire and Lancashire between them stretch across England from the North Sea to the Irish Sea.

Just a few of the many places of interest around Middlesmoor

Around Middlesmoor
Harrogate (or Harrogate Spa) is an elegant spa town in North Yorkshire, England; its water contains iron, sulphur and common salt. The town is a tourist destination and its visitor attractions include its spa waters, RHS Harlow Carr Gardens, and Betty's Tea Rooms. From the town one can explore the nearby Yorkshire Dales national park. Harrogate originated in the 17th century; it lies adjacent to Knaresborough, which is in the Nidd valley – Middlesmoor itself is in Upper Nidderdale (the valley of the river Nidd). We often take student groups boating in Knaresborough.
The walled city of York is a little over an hour away from Middlesmoor. A day spent there includes a walk along the medieval walls, which are 5 km long and are one of the longest remaining medieval defenses in Europe. York has a beautiful Gothic cathedral and the climb up a winding stair to the tower gives a marvelous view. York in Roman times was called Eborarum. There followed Saxon and then Viking invasions and then finally that of the Normans.

Its history is apparent in the large number of villages (over 900) with Viking origins. The people of Yorkshire to this day think of their county as something different from others.
The York Minster has some of the finest medieval stained glass in Europe. There are fine museums to visit, as well as “dungeon” where actors try and frighten the paying visitors.

Scarborough is a lovely town on the North Sea; it is mentioned in the traditional song Scarborough Fair, made famous by Simon & Garfunkel). We often take student groups there when we go camping to the beautiful beach of Cayton Bay, five miles from Scarborough.
Ripley Castle and Gardens
Ripley Castle and Gardens, situated 3 miles from Harrogate, is an historic attraction set in a beautiful location, with memorable surroundings. After introducing Ripley and its history to students during lessons, we take them on a guided tour of the castle, during which they have the opportunity to listen to the guides’ fascinating descriptions of the important historical events which took place in the castle.
During the Summer English Courses, both for young people and for teachers, we often attend memorable outdoor Shakespeare performances in the castle grounds as well as in other beautiful Yorkshire locations, such as Harlow Carr Gardens in Harrogate and other stately homes.

Fountains Abbey  
Yorkshire’s first World Heritage Site is a huge estate which includes the largest abbey ruins in Great Britain, and one of England’s most spectacular Georgian water gardens. It is situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty in the valley of the river Skell, on the doorstep of the Yorkshire Dales, only 30 miles from the historic city of York.

Wharfedale (about 25 minutes’ drive from Middlesmoor) is one of the most beautiful dales in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. The river Wharfe, which gives its name to Wharfedale, is quite unpolluted, and in many places forms gentle curves, which because of their safety are ideal for swimming; we often take our students there to have picnics.